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A creative, curious, and empathetic hands-on builder with deep expertise in brand, product, and marketing innovation and complex project management. 

My strength is shaping disruptive products, projects, and programs on product, marketing, and operations teams that use data, technology, and intuition. I'm interested in underinnovated categories and take a hands-on approach to aligning words, commitments, and actions. Often helping to define swimlanes and implement agile delivery best practices.

I'm exploring project-based and full-time roles in Consulting, Healthcare, Behavioral Health, Wellness, Artificial Intelligence, Future of Work, and Web3. I am excited by roles that require unconventional thinking, comfort with ambiguity, and agile product development expertise. I dislike wasting people's time (including my own). 

I thrive working with a range of diverse personalities and talents, but prefer transparent, honest, and ethical cultures that optimize for clarity, courage, and conviction.


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