Ideal Protein


Our agency was tapped to overhaul the customer experience of a $350 MM ARR medically supervised diet, that operated in 64 countries, which had recently been acquired by a PE shop in the UK. We came in after a reorg with former WW leaders as our executive sponsors. The project scope included primary research, brand strategy, identity, platform reskinning, product marketing, and design and redevelopment of the website. The backend platform and tool configuration weres a mess, so that required a complete overhaul too. 


Since the company's business model was B2B2C, we started by analyzing stakeholder interviews and leaned heavily on these insights to build out a refined brand strategy and modern identity. We looked at the tech stacks and marketing spending of similar behavioral health companies to align the leadership team's understanding of the total cost of ownership of our marketing, design, and technology overhaul. We fully reimagined the lead qualification process for new patients across every touchpoint of the buyer's journey. 


The client ended up getting a fully revamped brand system that included brand strategy, identity, product marketing collateral, sales enablement collateral, a redesigned coaching platform, and a conversion rate-optimized website targeting patients and healthcare providers. The outcomes of this transformation were that PQLs grew by 40%, NPS increased by +20 Points, and CAGR expanded from 1.3% to +15%.

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