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Was recruited by former Allen & Co Investment Banker turned Startup CEO to help turn around a distressed video advertising network media asset, which had fallen into receivership. I was hired as GM. The company was in dire straights, with an unhealthy balance sheet. To make payroll the finance team resorted to advanced factoring of receivables. My remit was to contain costs and drive revenue fast.  


When I started, the company had limited cash flow, a dangerously short runway, and was running direct response campaigns with low-quality advertisers. We had to dramatically cut costs, decrease overhead, and improve network quality to attract high-quality advertisers and publishers. So I acted fast and established a growth plan to increase revenues and expand profit margin. After six months, the plan worked very well. 


When I joined the team, the company was limping along at four figures of monthly revenue. When I left, I'd grown revenues to seven figures monthly and expanded the profit margin by +25%. This additional cash helped the team double in headcount. I worked with leadership to recruit a new Chief Technology Officer. Also, I helped build a social gaming ad server. This turnaround helped them sell to Meredith Media. 

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