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"I interviewed Zach for his position at Selectable Media, I was asked to get to know him and send my thoughts to my manager. The first real impression I got from him was that he smiled a lot and was overly enthusiastic. That was legit. He ended up making the company a great place to work for me and my team because he delivered. He always brought his A game and took us to a whole different level than where we were. He is one smart guy who would perform outstandingly anywhere he'd put his feet into."

– David Moreno, VP Business Engineering at DeepL

"I really enjoy working with Zach and find him to be incredibly bright and professional. Zach is always very proactive communicating with us and suggesting ways for us to work together more efficiently. Any time Zach tells you something, you can rely on it happening, and that is a very good quality to have. We value our relationship with Selectable Media tremendously and Zach is a major reason why we do so."

– Alan Pearlberg, Founder / Investor at

"Zach was consistently dedicated to his job and the tasks that were called upon him. Depending on what was needed, we would be on the phone any hour of the day managing existing business and creating new opportunities. Despite his variety of skills and talents, the most prominent that comes to mind when I think of Zach is dedication."

– Ken Cauley, Managing Partner at Konnected | Managing Director at VestIn Capital Group 


"It was a pleasure to work closely with Zach during his time in the start-up phase of WTA Networks. Quite often the smartest and most well-informed person in the room; Zach brings a wealth of knowledge, perspective and drive to every issue. I can honestly say that Zach's contributions will remain long-lasting keystones to the organization's success. I highly recommend Zach to help scope and execute solutions to the toughest technology and fan engagement challenges an organization may be facing."

– Matthew Cenedella, COO-CFO and Treasurer at Women's Tennis Association

"I worked alongside Zach for one year on the launch and early-stage development of WTA-Networks, a digital and social media collaboration with the Women's Tennis Association (WTA). Zach is an expert on all things digital. Product strategy, social media partnerships and technology partnerships are his key fortes. Zach is a force of nature and a great team player, and if your business needs digital chops, he's your man!"

– Reda Maher, Global Head of Digital Media at

"Zach is a diligent and consummate professional in the digital media and product space. He's hyper-intelligent, acutely aware of multiple, concurrent dependencies, and shares his insight on any area macro or micro. His insights are prescient and he's driven to 150% above-and-beyond excellence."

– Dominic Tancredi, CEO at Dom & Tom


"We had a great experience working with Zach and the Coalition team. They helped us create innovative product and content ideas in the e-commerce space for Yahoo. They also provided us with thought leadership and industry research which we continually refer back to." 

– Sarah Armand, Director of Content Planning & Business Analytics at Audible


"Zach was our group’s big brain here as we scaled our group — and served as a digital Swiss army knife, helping me with everything from platform strategy to high value intros to organizational planning. Zach helps startups scale, and has the potent knowledge set of media, tech, consumer strategy and an astonishing command of how markets are made and built. Basically when I don’t know something (which is almost always) I ask Zach. If he doesn’t know, he finds out. And delivers in impressive detail."

– Scott Witt, Founder & Chief Brand Officer at Parlance, Ex-Apple + Ex-Droga5

"Zach is a really amazing strategist and operations person. He can wear many hats and think big picture. He was our partner on the client side when we worked with Twill. He played a central role in operations managing their team, triaging issues, working on business strategy, problem solving, and interfacing with vendors like Academy. I recommend working with him for any strategic or operational needs."

– Adam Perlis, CEO at Academy UX Staffing & Recruiting Agency, Ex-TIME

"Zach brings energy to teams and has a great sense of humor. It was a pleasure to work with him on a market research project at Happify."

- Dilek Barlow, VP, Product Strategy, Twill 


"I worked together with Zach developing the Brand Strategy, Strategic and Creative Positioning, Product Marketing, and Campaign Development for Axon Studios and a new product they’re launching this Spring. Apart from being dedicated, pro-active and forward-thinking, Zach was a delight to collaborate with on a daily basis and really showed his creative chops over time. He is an expert in his field, who has a fantastic grip on industry insights, trends and tools that make him an invaluable asset to any start-up or agency."

– Theo von Aspern, Creative Lead at TBWA\X


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