Women's Tennis Association


The Women’s Tennis Association wanted to modernize its commercial strategy and technical fluency. I joined the founding team of their in-house agency. Our remit spanned defining and developing editorial, advertising, sponsorship, creative, production, and syndication competencies. We became trusted partners and served as executive advisors helping them identify best-in-class platforms to achieve their objectives. 


Initially, my scope was narrowly focused on identifying branded content syndication partners and productizing advertising and sponsorship inventory across social channels and the website. My role supported internal direct sales and editorial teams and strategic relationship managment with partners. It became clear the professional services vendor selected for the new site build, was technically out of their depth. I was brought in to take over, act as an agile coach for the tech teams, and lead the relaunch efforts. 


A the WTA, I forged strategic alliances with Twitter and Facebook, which resulted in over $850K of net-new revenue and a new set of sponsorable advertising products. Also, I managed a team of internal employees, agency partners, global service integrators, and external vendors across multiple time zones. This resulted in doubling sprint velocity, a reduction of regression errors, and a successful website relaunch. 

Success Stories

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